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GW heating is a family of heating elements used for heating various types of baths in bathtubs, tanks, adapted to work vertically. The heater has a modular construction, it consists of a cover made of the right type of material (see table below), a ceramic heating element and a head made of polypropylene, resistant to the effects of chemical compounds, constituting airtight cover of current connections. Choosing the right cover for the heater ensures the required resistance to chemicals contained in the bath and reduces operating costs.

Technical data

Power from 500W to 6000W
Voltage 230V, 3x400V
Immersion level Lh from 350mm to 2500mm
Working temperature to 140°C
Power cable available as an option
Cover for current connections IP65 protection

types of heaters

heater type Cover material diameter [mm] Length of the heater [mm] Application
GW-1 quartz glass 54 / 60 350 - 1480 all baths except hydrofluoric and fluoride
GW-2 hardened porcelain, glazed 63 580 / 780 / 980 all baths except hydrofluoric and fluoride
GW-3 steel ST-34-2 50 / 53 350 - 2500 alkaline baths
GW-4 Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571 51 350 - 2500 alkaline baths
GW-5 Teflon PTFE 51 350 - 2500 all types of bath


Heater construction


When ordering, please specify:

  • Heater type (np.: GW-1, GW-2, inne)
  • power [W]
  • voltage [V]
  • diameter [mm]
  • length [mm]
  • cold zone [mm]
  • work medium

Order example:
Heating element GW-1 1650W 230V L/Lh-800/600
Diameter: 60mm, Cold zone: 50mm
Quantity: 8pcs


GW-1 GW-2 GW-3 GW-4 GW-5
500W 230V L/Lh-350/250mm 1000W 230V L/Lh-580/380mm 500W 230V L/Lh-350/250mm 500W 230V L/Lh-350/250mm 500W 230V L/Lh-350/250mm
1000W 230V L/Lh-480/280mm 1250W 230V L/Lh-580/430mm 1250W 230V L/Lh-500/350mm 1250W 230V L/Lh-500/350mm 1000W 230V L/Lh-500/350mm
2000W 230V L/Lh-580/380mm 1500W 230V L/Lh-580/430mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-600/450mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-600/450mm 1250W 230V L/Lh-600/450mm
2000W 230V L/Lh-780/580mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-580/430mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-800/600mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-800/600mm 1750W 230V L/Lh-800/600mm
2500W 3x400V L/Lh-780/580mm 1500W 230V L/Lh-780/580mm 2500W 3x400V L/Lh-800/600mm 2500W 3x400V L/Lh-800/600mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-800/600mm
3000W 3x400V L/Lh-880/680mm 2000W 230V L/Lh-780/580mm 3000W 3x400V L/Lh-1000/800mm 3000W 3x400V L/Lh-1000/800mm 2500W 3x400V L/Lh-1000/700mm
3500W 3x400V L/Lh-980/680mm 2500W 3x400V L/Lh-780/580mm 3500W 3x400V L/Lh-1200/900mm 3500W 3x400V L/Lh-1200/900mm 3000W 3x400V L/Lh-1200/900mm
3500W 3x400V L/Lh-1180/880mm 2500W 3x400V L/Lh-980/780mm 4500W 3x400V L/Lh-1600/1250mm 4500W 3x400V L/Lh-1600/1250mm 3000W 3x400V L/Lh-1600/1150mm
3500W 3x400V L/Lh-1380/1080mm 3000W 3x400V L/Lh-980/680mm 5000W 3x400V L/Lh-2000/1400mm 5000W 3x400V L/Lh-2000/1400mm 4000W 3x400V L/Lh-2000/1400mm
4500W 3x400V L/Lh-1480/1130mm 3500W 3x400V L/Lh-980/680mm 6000W 3x400V L/Lh-2500/1800mm 6000W 3x400V L/Lh-2500/1800mm 5000W 3x400V L/Lh-2500/1800mm

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