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Technical data

Length from 112mm to 1800mm
Width from 23mm to 511mm
Surface loadability max. 8W/cm2
Standard voltage 230V
Working temperature 420°C
Resistance ribbon NiCr 80/20
Thickness of the heater 12,0mm +/- 1,0mm
Cover material stainless steel
- excellent heat exchange
- long life with correct use
- easy installation
- uniform heating distribution
- high mechanical resistance
- stable work
- energy saving thanks to insulation protecting the heater from the outside, reduction of approx. ~20% compared to a standard micanite flat heater
- extruders, ovens, presses
- molds for plastics
- vacuum packaging machines
- packaging machines and equipment
- machines for the food industry

When ordering, please specify:

  • length [mm]
  • width [mm]
  • power [W]
  • supply voltage [V]
  • type of connection (PM, bead, other)
  • connections position in mm
  • cable output position (if present)
  • cable length [mm]
  • hole or cutout (if present)
  • hole position
  • position of the hole center [mm]
  • hole diameter [mm]

Order example:
Ceramic flat heater 5000W 3x400V 800x220mm cable clamp+cable-1000mm
Quantity: 5pcs

There is also a possibility to make heaters according to drawings, exemplars sent by the customer. Types of connections are available in the "Electrical connections" tab.

Electrical connections

Click on the technical drawing to view the parameters

Non-typical constructions

* others on request

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