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Electric heating elements are used in many branches of the economy, among others: food, shipbuilding, household appliances, in the plastics, power, machine and heating industries. Today, there are virtually no industries that would not use electric heating elements

The presence of TERMIK Sp. z o.o. in many industrial sectors it is the result of having an exceptionally broad product offer. The high quality of the company is demonstrated by, among others the fact of having the required certificates and compliance marks for all produced heating elements. The company's products have certificates / quality marks: B, VDE, CE.

Experience, continuous improvement of manufactured products, acquisition and application of innovative technological solutions, gained during the decades of the company's activity, gave it a high position on the domestic and international market among producers of electric heating elements.

The offer of TERMIK Sp. z o.o. there is a number of electric heating elements, (main subject of activity) such as, e.g.

  • heating elements used for work in the air,
  • heating elements used for working in water,
  • heating elements used for work in oil,
  • heating elements used for galvanic baths,
  • finned heating elements,
  • ceramic heater,
  • micanite heating elements,
  • cartridge heaters,
  • band heaters.

Tubular heating elements are made according to OAKLAY-KANTHAL technology. High durability and reliability are ensured by materials used in the production process. Electric heating elements manufactured by the company meet the requirements of PN-JEC 335-1, have certificates entitling to mark "B" and "VDE".

Overhead tube heaters are used especially in bakery ovens, electric kitchens, toasters, electric grills, smoking chambers, packaging machines, powder painters, electric heaters or dryers.

Tubular water heaters are used in water heaters, boilers, steam generators, distillers, agricultural farms or flow heaters.

Oil tube heaters are used in heating elements used for oil work.

Electric heating elements (ceramic heaters):

  • band,
  • cartridge,
  • galvanic.

Ceramic heating elements are characterized by high durability. They are made of high quality materials, used in difficult working conditions.

Ceramic band heaters are designed for plasticizing plastics in injection molding machines and for heating some sections of industrial installations. The casing of the band is made of stainless steel.

Ceramic cartridge heaters are heating elements with a special design, allowing the emission of a large amount of heat from a small area. They are most often used for working in difficult conditions, in metal forms as well as in liquids and gases.

Galvanic ceramic heaters are heating elements used for bathing in bathtubs, tanks, adapted to work vertically.

All electric heating elements company TERMIK Sp. z o.o. only produces on order.