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The ceramic heating element, due to its construction is used for heating air and liquids (indirectly). In the basic version, the heater is made of ceramic forms through which the heating coil is routed. The current output is the ceramic head to which the Powerr cords are connected. The entire structure is stiffened with a rod running along the axis of the heater. Applied ceramics and resistance wires have very good electrical and mechanical parameters which ensures long life.

Technical data

Power from 80W to 15000W
voltage 230V, 400V, 3x400V, inne
length from 100mm to 7000mm
diameter [mm] 10; 12; 16; 18; 20; 22; 26; 28,5; 32; 36; 39; 45; 48; 52; 57
Carrying capacity max. 6W/cm2
Maximum working temperature 600°C
Connection type: Leads in fiberglass insulation, silicone insulation, ceramic blocks, thread M4, M5, M6, others
- ultrasonic and industrial washers
- dip bath tubs
- water heaters
- bakery and confectionery equipment
- heating bitumen, asphalt

Order should be specified:

  • Power [W]
  • voltage [V]
  • diameter [mm]
  • length [mm]
  • length of cold zone [mm]
  • connection type

Order example:
Ceramic heating element C-45 3900W 3x400V L-1000mm
diameter: 45mm
Cold zone: 50mm
Connection: M5
Quantity: 15pcs

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